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At Prime Baseball we believe in building the foundation of great players. The game of baseball is built on the programming behind the player.

Available Prime Programs:


Athletic Development Youth Athletic Training focusing on flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, functional movement patterns, and speed. Run by Coach Joe, certified Youth Exercise and Sports Performance specialist. Sessions offered throughout the year.


Armored Heat

An online app that details individualized arm care routines for all ages. Run by Dr. Ryan Yoshida. Former PT for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 365 days a year.


Infield Series

In depth focus for high level infielders that focuses on details that most times can not be covered in the large scope of team practice. Run by Coach Joe in summer and winter.


Pitching Series

Offered in summer and winter. To be coupled with Off-Season Armored Heat program. Focus on individualized details on the throwing pattern that most times can not be covered in team practice. PitchLogic Data is used. Run by Coach Joe


Group Hitting

One hour long sessions for Groups of 4 Prime teammates. Run in the Winter by Coach Shane


Individual Hitting

30 minute sessions for individuals. Run all year by Coach Shane


Hitting Pairs

Hour long hitting sessions for groups of 2. 20 minute physical focus / warm up leads in to 40 minutes of hitting. Video used regularly. Run all year by Coach Joe


Catching Instruction

45 minute catching sessions. Run year round by Coach Jesse

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