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THE PRIME WAY, a note from Ownership

Parents, Guardians, Players, we are humbled by your interest in the PRIME FAMILY! Outlined below are a few rules and expectations we have for our Prime families and our “Prime Boys”. We ask a lot. We have high expectations. In return, you can have high expectations for your experience with Prime. We hold our players and families to a higher standard than most. You can expect that we will hold our coaches, instructors, and ourselves to that same high standard. In order to create baseball players and young men that are unlike their peers we must create an environment, habits, and a CULTURE that are unlike the others. Prime is different.

Embrace doing it differently, doing it the right way, developing daily, loving your Prime Family, and having BLAST doing it!
-Shane and Joe

● We believe development happens in practice, we take pride in efficient practices. Practice standards are paramount to development.
● Players will be ON TIME wearing their practice apparel. GRAY PRIME Practice Shirt, baseball Pants, Prime hat, and belt for FIELD practices. GRAY PRIME Practice shirt, Practice Shorts / Pants, and hat for PTC Practices. Always have both TURFS and CLEATS available for practice. Crocs, Slides, Sandals etc WILL NOT be worn to practice.
● Practice schedules and locations will be outlined on the website under your teams tab. The expectation is that players will be in attendance for every practice.
● Schedule Conflicts: If your family KNOWS of a practice conflict please communicate this with your teams Coach and Coach Shane / Joe BEFORE accepting your roster spot.
● Missed Practices: Players and / or families must notify the team via the SportsYou App by 12pm the previous day (if SICK by 10AM the day of) when a practice is going to be missed. Coaches will be preparing practice plans and need to have this information in order to do so effectively. THIS MUST BE DONE VIA SPORTSYOU!
● No cell phones, apple watches, or tablets at practice. Those items need to be stored in the players bags.
● Practices are OPEN for parents to attend unless your coach informs the group otherwise. However, please keep communication with your son during practice to a minimum.. Please be sure he has all the equipment, hydration, etc, he may need for the duration of practice. Coaches may request a parent to help with a practice exercise, this is the only time it is acceptable for a parent to be on the playing field (barring injury of course).

● Players must be IN THE DUGOUT or pre-arranged meeting location ON TIME and fully dressed in uniform or coach approved Pregame attire on game day. Turfs or Cleats MUST be worn when inside the tournament gates, No Crocs, Slides, or other footwear. THAT MEANS WHEN INSIDE THE GATE NO CROCS, SLIDES,or OTHER FOOTWEAR.
● Schedule Conflicts: If your family KNOWS of a Tournament conflict please communicate this BEFORE accepting your roster spot.
● After arrival time, phones, apple watches, tablets must be stored unless your coach says otherwise.
● Playing for other teams during the Prime Seasons is Prohibited unless approved by Coach Shane, Coach Joe, and your team Coach.
● Missed Tournaments: If there is an emergency situation and you must MISS a tournament the expectation is that you let Coaches know AS SOON as you can. Even if a situation could potentially disrupt tournament attendance please let Coaches know.
● At most of the parks our events are held, alcohol is prohibited. Conversely, some venues we will visit, SELL alcohol. For Prime spectators, Intoxication IS ALWAYS prohibited.
● Negative communication with game officials and / or umpires is prohibited for Prime spectators.
● It is expected that parents keep communication with their sons in the dugout to a minimum.
● We will need 3 “GameChanger” parents for each team. Preferably a primary and two backup parents. Please let your coach know if you’d like to fill that role.
Team Communication and Communication with Coaches
● Within 48 hours of accepting your roster spot you will receive an invitation via text or email to join SPORTSYOU. Please download the app and join your team’s page as soon as you get it. All team communication, updates on schedules, links for uniforms, etc, will be sent via the App.
● As stated previously, please message on SPORTSYOU page if you are missing or will be late to practices or games.
● If you have questions or concerns about practices, playing time, coaching decisions, etc, feel free to share them with your sons Head Coach, Shane, or Joe. However, please abide by the following guidelines when voicing these questions or concerns. Practice related concerns; 24 hours after the most recent practice concludes. Game / Tournament related concerns; 48 hours after the most recent game concludes. Players may approach coaches AFTER (not before) practices or games by requesting a moment of the coaches time.

Prime Payments
Payments are due on the 1st of every month as laid out in the team budgets handed out and discussed prior to season start.
Payments will be auto drafted by Prime from preferred credit card if not received prior to 1st of every month.

Custom uniforms are ordered upon commitment and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Prime refund policy:
1. Any family quitting the program will not receive a refund of any amount including but not limited to the initial deposit.

2. Sending in late monthly payments or failure to pay on time negates any refund.

3. Initial deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Prime Baseball Culture
1. WORK HARD in practice, and off the field towards goals
2. PLAY HARD in games, without exception, we play one way HARD
3. PLAY THE PART, look like a baseball player, act like a baseball player, eventually, become a baseball player
4. BE NICE…well…just be nice

  • We truly believe in the FAMILY atmosphere. Players will treat teammates and coaches like family, with respect. It is our hope that parents will do the same.
  • Don’t help build the excuse. Sometimes we fail, it’s okay to just need to work hard and get better. It’s never the umpire, coach, teammate, or other teams “fault” we failed.
  • Parents should feel welcome to share players’ performance in the classroom with coaches and instructors. It is of PARAMOUNT importance that Prime players are students first. Steps can be taken to ensure this by working together.
  • Coaches will set further clear standards for expected behavior, help identify when players are not meeting those standards, and give opportunities to make adjustments. After these steps are taken, if issues continue, players will face consequences that could include sitting out of practice or losing playing time.





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