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Why we’re different

We are all about developing great people and ballplayers. We do not recruit our player weekly or per tournaments to go and win rings and brag about it. We take the rooted approach as we want to grow our players we commit to in the fall through the summertime. We are a true program that has created a “Family” atmosphere and continue to grow quickly. We are the best program top to bottom with everything we have to offer. Come see the Difference.

Attention to Detail

The coaches at Prime take a huge amount of pride in teaching every aspect of the game of baseball. Small details that become big details are covered; we are truly professional teachers of the game. We want our players to grow and be pushed every practice and grow with us.


SEB PRIME has the most experienced coaches that have all played at high levels. Each coach has been successful in all levels of baseball. We have a former MLB player that is the President of Prime. We have former college pitchers and players. Whatever your goal or position we offer something at Prime that has you covered. We have actual game experience that can help your player grow and develop.

Ready to raise your game?

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